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                 Magic Watt's AbracAcademy! The Key to a Magical Life

Would you like to learn the REAL secrets of Magic? Magic Watt's AbracAcademy is an exciting program for kids from 8 to 12, based on the brand new Discover Magic curriculum developed by some of the top names in the Magic World. Your child will learn brand new tricks available only through this program. They will receive high quality props, each with it's own Secret File Folder, along with personal passwords that will allow access to the Discover Magic website. There they can learn even more outside of class.

But, the real benefits from the AbracAcademy will be the social skills the kids develop as they interact and share in their classroom experiences. We will put on a show for Family and Friends at the end of the course.

The AbracAcademy is offered in daily and weekly formats. Contact us for the AbracAcademy taking place soon near you!    

                                             Check out the Website, www.discovermagic .com

                                                  for more info on this exciting newprogram!

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